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Storage cage

  • Product introduction:Wire containers are the clear choice for better bulk material handling.Wire baskets are hard working, returnable container systems that deliver high visibility savings. Handle, transport and store bulk parts and material the easy way. These tough, welded wire containers provide quick content identification, promote better material flow, and more efficient stock control. Our wire baskets are designed and built for rugged, long life service, They are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.Standard features include half or full drop gate.locking gate handle,heavy duty understructure&standard feet. More details available at your request.
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A multi-use pallet size cage, designed to suit all warehousing and storage requirements, with the advantage of being quickly dismantled for valuable space saving & transport efficiency. 
This durable, economical cage can be transported by forklift or pallet trolley, and is stackable.
Front drop down gate and rear hinged gate are both removable, and allow easy access even when stacked. This unit is supplied as a flatpack.
Optional galvanised sheet metal flooring which fits over the existing mesh base floor, is available on request.

Storage cage  Structural featrues:

1.Foldable and stackable
2.Multiple spot welding makes the cage stronger and more durable
3.Bend type handle is easy for operation
4.Blue-white galvanized, rust prevention effect is better.
5.Can be with casters.


Storage of any component that does not fit in a modular system neatly can be solved by use of a pallet or stillage cage.
The cages are designed to stack one on top of each other. Access to stored goods is also important even when stacked. 
A hinged door and swinging gate are integral to the cages






Can fold,Save space

Storage cage specifications:


Product number


Length*width* height(mm)

Specifications(Inside ) Wire diameter Grid size Bearing weight
surface treatment
Length*width* height(mm) mm mm kg
LCA-5.8 800*600*640 750*550*500 Φ5.8  50*50 700 Electro galvanized
LCA-5.6 800*600*640 750*550*500 Φ5.6  50*50 500 Electro galvanized
LCA-5.3 800*600*640 750*550*500  Φ5.3 50*50  400 Electro galvanized
LCA-4.8 800*600*640 750*550*500  Φ4.8 50*50 300 Electro galvanized
LCB-5.8 1000*800*840 950*750*700  Φ5.8 50*50 1200 Electro galvanized
LCB-5.6 1000*800*840 950*750*700  Φ5.6 50*50  900 Electro galvanized
LCB-5.3 1000*800*840 950*750*700  Φ5.3 50*50  700 Electro galvanized
LCB-4.8 1000*800*840 950*750*700  Φ4.8 50*50 500 Electro galvanized
 LCC-5.8  1200*1000*890 1150*950*750 Φ5.8 50*50  1500 Electro galvanized


1200*1000*890 1150*950*750  Φ5.6 50*50   1100 Electro galvanized
LCD-5.8 1200*1000*890 1150*950*750 Φ5.8 50*100  1000 Electro galvanized
LCD-5.6 1200*1000*890 1150*950*750  Φ5.6 50*100   700 Electro galvanized
Safety corner rings for reinforcement
Safety locks to prevent accidental openings
Double-bead wire perimeter
U-loop to keep end panel in place for added stability
Full-perimeter base frame protects helix (spiral) and allows side-by-side stacking
Up to 4,000-lbs. capacity
Stacks four high, fully loaded
Open-mesh design for visible inventory
Three standard 'Quick Ship' container sizes
Stock containers have zinc-coated finish. Custom colors available.
Can be custom made to your specs (some options listed above)


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