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Metal shelving – Storage Shelves

  • Product introduction:Metal shelving – Storage Shelves Metal shelving makes a great solution for static storage where pallet racking would be overkill.
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Metal shelving – Storage Shelves

Metal shelving makes a great solution for static storage where pallet racking would be overkill.Metal shelving is an ideal system of both light loading and even relatively heavy ones. This 
kind of storage shelves is mostly operated manually for handling light goods and sorting lines. Metal shelving is a durable, versatile and economical shelving system. It has fully adjustable shelving height and length.

Storage shelves adapt to a multitude of uses and applications of your warehouse, office, house… For any type of loading that you need to store and keep perfectly organized, you always have metal shelving. It’s supported by the P beam. Metal shelving can be used alone or be arranged by one row, especially for attic rack, which is used in all kinds of industries.

Metal shelving has been developed following the latest standards, in terms of design and testing, which ensures this system to be the best choice for small and large businesses.


·There are storage shelves for different loading and weights;
·Metal shelving is low in cost, safe in structure, and convenient for installation;
·Perfect finishing with the application of epoxy powder paint with a minimum thickness of 50 to 70 micron;
·Metal shelving’ height is adjustable;

·The design of metal shelving is adaptable to any part of your business or home.

Metal shelving is versatility and flexibility to meet any storage needs:
1. Heights from 2000 mm to 5000 mm;
2. Frame widths from 800 mm to 2500 mm;
3. Shelves’ loading capacity from 110 kg to 800 kg per level;
4. Maximum loading per bay would be up to 4000 kg;
5. Choice of powder-coating or galvanized.

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