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    1、Quality assurance: as a storage equipment suppliers, products sold by our company are accord with storage equipment industry quality and safety standards.

    2、Time: delivery standards (not customized) product delivery fast, after order, generally within 48 hours to deliver goods, special circumstances further notice.

    3、Customized products, installation time of delivery: time according to customer's request as far as possible, if you have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can special production, assembly, strive to satisfy all customers' requirements.

    4、Warranty commitment: we sell products free warranty for one year to 3 years (depending on the different products), the warranty does not include the customer use undeserved and artificial damage caused by such factors as the damage, all belong to the product quality problem, all product warranty, provide normal weekday, warranty service 24 hours a day, product life-long maintenance support.

    5、Response time: the warranty period, if discover the quality problems, after received customer service, at the latest within 48 hours to arrange after-sales service personnel to deal with.(warranty, booking staff regular door-to-door free testing)

    6、Service system: as a storage equipment suppliers products sold by the company to provide security system: when the product appeared quality problem, will send professional technicians in the prescriptive time designated home maintenance, conform to the warranty period for free.Such as beyond the scope of warranty or guarantee of products, our company promises charge maintenance supplies and labor by the lowest cost.


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